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Raccoon Removal in Madison

A Raccoon living in your house is bad news for your attic. They can create problems and destroy your insulation. And guess what? They don't understand how to make use of the lavatory, and they sure as heck aren't going outdoors. Our AAAC Wildlife Removal pros of Madison are right here to help you evict your raccoon, tidy up the mess, and repair the damage. Raccoon control and removal must be initiated as quickly as the critter has been found residing in the area. Call today for an inspection!

Raccoons in a yard
The only thing worse than raccoons on your deck is raccoons in your attic

You may have heard sounds during the night coming from your ceiling or attic, r perhaps you spotted trash tossed throughout the backyard. It would be a safe bet that you’ve got a happy little raccoon family residing with you in your house or even in your commercial spaces.

You could think they are adorable with their little outlaw masks and lovable waddles. Unfortunately, just like a rodent, raccoons are as smart and pioneering as they are messy and rude. They know a good home when they see one and will constantly come back unless you take every step feasible to keep them out. Getting a professional animal removal service to put an end to your pest wildlife problem is the smart solution.

Did you know that Raccoons may see very well due to their masks?

Raccoons are crafty little fellas that can really damage your home in Madison. They will make a latrine out of your attic, destroy your dry wall, your insulation, and possibly spread diseases to your family and pets. I can not tell you the variety of calls we’ve gotten about raccoons obliterating an attic, chewing through plumbing, and even making nests in the walls.

Madison Raccoon Removal

Mother raccoons like attics, much like other animals such as the common squirrel or bat. The reason these problem animals find attics so appealing is that they are the safest areas to rear their young. Springtime is the prime period for young kits to be born. A female raccoon can raise several juveniles each year.

Like a squirrel, or bat, a raccoon in the attic may cause all types of damage. They like to eat electrical wires in addition to harming the roof and interior.

Raccoons rely on their very sensitive hands to navigate and scavenge for food after sunset

They also take up residence under sheds, in hot tubs and sheds. A shed is normally raised off the ground and is ideal for raising a family. If there is shelter they will certainly seek it!

How to Get Rid of Raccoons in Madison, WI

Often the best way to get rid of raccoons humanely is by trapping them, preferably by making use of a licensed trapping service. We are thoroughly licensed and certified by the state of Wisconsin. Don’t simply head to the hardware shop and begin trapping raccoons with whatever they’ve got on sale.

We make sure to utilize humane traps, because the last thing you want is the smell of dead raccoons wafting down from the attic.

Humane traps usually can be found in two forms

  • One way trap doors
  • Two way trap doors

One way traps do a decent job, but two way door traps are the ideal choice for animal removal (they double your odds of a catch). You want to bait your traps with something tasty. Pet food works, but you could consider a marshmallow also, given that it smells scrumptious to a mother raccoon and its bright, white color actually attracts attention in a low light attic.

Raccoons will eat almost anything because they are famous omnivores.

Raccoon repellents do not really work. The most effective deterrence method is usually seeing to it you don’t have any kind of entry points. If you are on this web page, it is time to call us for the professional service we provide.

When your raccoons have been caught and removed, it is vital that we discover and seal the access points that allowed those critters in to begin with!

Here’s the Raccoon Removal Process we utilize:

  1. Set and bait traps
  2. Catch the Raccoons residing in the attic
  3. Remove close-by food sources
  4. Seal up the access holes so they can not return
  5. Clean Up the attic (Remove waste and change out insulation if required)
  6. Repair any kind of damage done to the interior and exterior.

Animal Removal and Pest Control Services

The last thing you need to do when trying to remove raccoons is utilize a pest control solution that will poison your Raccoons! This could be very bad news for you! Poisoning animals in your house comes with a variety of risks, principal amongst them being that you’ve now got a hazardous substance in your home. These critters walk around your home and can track the poisonous substance with them, putting your family and beloved pets at risk.

Additionally, the majority of poisons make your Raccoons desperate for water, which might cause them destroying pipes to get a drink. If you do not love seeing water spots on your ceiling, take into consideration a different removal style. If your pest control expert plans to poison the Raccoons in your attic, reach out to somebody else!

Raccoons do not understand just how to go to the commode. So, a whole family with kits living in in an attic crawlspace will certainly leave droppings up there and definitely destroy your insulation. These droppings can be infected with raccoon roundworm and present a considerable health threat to anybody handling them.

Roundworm transferred by Wisconsin Raccoons is a frequently lethal condition and routinely affects children the most if they manage to consume the droppings while on a lawn or play area.

Raccoons can also give you rabies (this is why DIY is a bad idea! No cost savings is worth that!). They can also carry distemper and mange.

Raccoon Removal Cost

When seeking removal information in Madison, it’s important to be aware of prices. The ordinary cost for raccoon control in the U.S. runs as follows:.

  • Cheapest Cost ($ 150-300).
    • This is typically the lowest end guys you will certainly find doing removal work. Your mileage may vary.
    • This is also the price you ‘d expect to pay for exterior trapping.
  • Reasonable Cost ($ 300-$ 550).
    • This is for the cost for removal for more serious wild animal control specialists in Madison. At this cost, you can expect the task to be done properly and to walk away satisfied.
    • You’ll also see budget options in Wisconsin enter this range when they need to trap in your attic.
  • Higher price situations ($ 1000+)
    • This scenario generally suggests that you have a huge raccoon problem, or it will certainly price in even more significant raccoon damage repair work, decontamination and waste cleanup, plus re-insulation.

Attic Cleanup and Re-insulation

Nothing says safety, security, and comfort to a wild Raccoon family like your attic. Remember, a raccoon is a wild animal that tries to find comfy, completely dry areas to keep its young safe. Regrettably, when they move in, they pollute your home and property with with hazardous droppings.

As part of your control program, it’s important to have qualified professionals come and clean up the mess after the raccoon removal is finished. It’s likely that your raccoons have damaged or tainted the insulation, and it will certainly need to be replaced.

Damage Control and Repair, and Entry Point Seal-up

As soon as our professional team removes the raccoon, bat or the family of squirrels or mice, we will see to it that other pest animals can not enter. A good netting solution, chimney cap, or other barrier will keep this problem from happening again.

Our friendly AAAC Wildlife Removal professionals of Madison are certified to make damage repairs and seal these entry points so you do not need to fret about your fuzzy buddies making a repeat visit!

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